Traders should look for long candle wicks formed as a result of price actions from either the buyers or sellers. It is key to note that pin bars can be formed when an asset consolidates before trend continuation; traders need to take note of this structure to avoid being unaware. Traders should avoid pin bars that occur during price consolidation. Here as well we are looking at this support and resistance flips on the market had this double bottom, it broke out and then here we had a pullback and the pullback happened with an engulfing pin bar. We have a long candlestick wick here with this candle that retest the previous support area that turned into a resistance and then back into support. And we have a very strong close closing above the previous highs completing engulfed in the past four candlesticks.

A trader on confirmation that the price looks exhausted with the formation of a bearish pin bar candle could open a short position as this could have presented a good opportunity for profitability. You have both signals and both information factors in one candlestick so you have a much, much more powerful approach. And then you can see the market afterward really took off at this nude price and this new trend was started after the engulfing pin bar. Resistance and support levels represent strong selling and buying opportunities, respectively. Therefore, if you see that the upper point of the wick in the bearish Pin Bar, appearing in the bullish trend, moves above the critical resistance level, then the issue at the top of the wick is a new sell signal. Also, these resistance and support levels can confirm their signs of a possible reversal.

pin bar candle stick

The use of a reversal signal only when using the Support/Resistance indicator is quite weak. To complement this weakness you will use one more signal which is the Pin Bar. It would help if you incorporated other tools to increase the reliability of the pin bar.

Binary Options trading strategy only with Pin Bar

We can find sell setups when the indicator’s reading goes above 70. The round prices tend to draw the attention of the market participants as institutions tend to accumulate positions there. Around the 28th, the market started consolidating, forming local support . When we trade in the direction of a trend, the highest probability setups work for us. The concept is the same – catch the reversal; however, now we should be aware of the limited price range. In price action, we disregard the underlying reason of someone’s order – there could be thousands of variables.

Before opening a trade, you should check the direction of the trend for several higher timeframes. And then pay keen attention only to the candles that appear during pullbacks and corrections. With this pin, you can see the body of the candle is not found right at the bottom like we saw in the previous image but is instead located a little bit higher. Also the body of the pin bar itself is a bit smaller than what we saw on the bearish pin bar in previous image. The fact it leaves a small wick, and is smaller overall in terms of it’s size, doesn’t mean this bearish pin bar should be viewed or traded differently to any other bearish pin bars you see form in the market. So long as the body of the pin bar is found at the bottom half of the candlestick and the majority of the wick is found at the top, the candle is considered to be a bearish pin bar.

pin bar candle stick

Within candlestick patterns, perhaps the most common and widely used pattern is the hammer or the pin bar, one of the most effective patterns to denote market turnarounds. Trading specific candlestick patterns seems to be an intuitive exercise for most traders. Technical traders are particularly interested in using candlestick patterns as a trigger for their trades or a confirmation factor for either a trade opportunity or for general directional bias.

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It also has a small candle body somewhere on top of the candle. He had a sizable low tail, which indicated where the price was trying to move lower, and then ended up even higher after the area was rejected. The price action offers several settings that bring a favourable return between risk and reward and are easy to implement. Financial spread trading comes with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how spread trading works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. The longer the candle time period of the Pin Bar candlestick is, the higher the accuracy becomes.

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  • The chart above shows a bearish pin bar candlestick pattern for the price of BTCUSD as the seller overpowered the buyer’s driving price in a downtrend.
  • It has characteristics that can ensure a strong reversal in the price trend.
  • There are many instances where despite the appearance of a pin bar, prices continue to break the previous levels that were rejected.
  • It is no doubt that pin bars are powerful candlestick patterns, however, they should not be traded in isolation because there are many cases of failed pin bars in the forex market.
  • A bullish pin bar in the market implies that the buyers are showing aggressive signs of bullishness, and the same is expected to continue in the subsequent sessions.

All in all, the properties of this candlestick are very important for the successful chart reading. When the pin bar is formed along with the abnormally high volume, it confirms the excessive interest in an asset. Finally, on the 25th, the pin bar appeared , offering a perfect short-sell setup. The main property of the bullish formation is a long down-wick and the small or absent upper wick.

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The use of a 50 exponential moving average confirms the correct trend in the market. It is best for all traders to trade with the trend and not against it; as many would always say, “the trend is your friend.” Trading against the trend would lead to loss of capital and extreme exposure to risk. The bounce of price on the 50 EMA and the formation of a hammer confirms a trend reversal to the upside. It is no doubt that pin bars are powerful candlestick patterns, however, efl cup broadcast channel in india they should not be traded in isolation because there are many cases of failed pin bars in the forex market. When looking for pin bars at key levels in the market, it pays to foresee where the price would be headed if you do decide to trade the pin bar as a valid setup. If there are key levels falling immediately in the way, it can sometimes stack the odds majorly against the direction you would expect the price to take in lieu of the pin bar formation.

pin bar candle stick

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Candles have a small body because the opening and closing prices are not much different. Below, we’ll look at several main techniques that can tremendously increase the pin bar’s reliability. If you aren’t comfortable entering right away after the candle’s close, you can wait and see if the support holds. On the other hand, if the asset has been forming smooth waves without any abrupt moves, the pin bar is essential. Conversely, the bearish setup would have a long upper wick and a short or absent down-wick. The candle represents the price movements within a specific period, depending on the timeframe you’ve chosen to use.

Inverted Hammer

The higher the time frame, the more ‘weight’ a signal carries, or the more important it is. The pin bar candlestick pattern is a small-bodied candle with long upper or lower wicks used in technical analysis by traders to spot weakness in a particular trend with a possible trend reversal. Sometimes this candlestick appears between a bullish and bearish candlestick indicating a bullish or bearish pattern. Again, first of all you have this long wick that really takes out the previous highs in both examples. In the second example, you can see the nicer we have here, this multi candle high with a lot of wicks which already probably caught or told to some traders that the market is running out of steam.


After considering the factors, we see this is a nice Pin bar to sell, but why touch stop loss? Timeframe charts are also essential to consider while trading with Pin Bars. Ideally, 4-hour timeframes are much better than 5-minute timeframes. In case of such pullbacks, traders can take the help of the Fibonacci ratio to get a healthier risk-reward ratio. It is advisable to be cautious while putting a stop to loss, as beginners can easily misjudge the pattern, and sometimes the market may turn out to move quicker than expected. It will draw real-time zones that show you where the price is likely to test in the future.

This article may help you understand more about the Pin Bar candle patterns with relatively high safety. Let’s experience and complete Pin Bar trading strategy with a Demo account. In this article, we will introduce what a Pin Bar candlestick is. The characteristics, meaning, and usage of Pin Bar candle patterns in options trading are also available. It can be easy to focus on just the pin and dismiss it, if it’s not protruding from price enough. Placing so much emphasis on just a pin bar to trade the crypto market can lead to losing opportunities.

A pin bar is essentially used to determine if there will be a mini reversal in the market. With these concepts in mind, the pin bar candlestick is bought in as a confirmatory tool go long or short. If these criteria are applied to every pin bar trading strategy, the higher will be the odds in your favor. Taking these factors into account, here are some effective pin bar trading strategies. This holds if two or more technical indicators point towards a possible reversal. In addition, a higher time frame leads to more substantial areas.

Traders will usually look for one-sided wicks that are two times the size of the body of the candlestick. As can be seen with the above examples, pin bars can be very useful in expressing the market sentiment. Although they are powerful candlestick patterns, they are not ideal for trading in isolation. There are many instances where despite the appearance of a pin bar, prices continue to break the previous levels that were rejected.